Trendiga smycken och accessoarer

Trendiga smycken och accessoarer - - 
Massor av trendiga halsband, armband, örhängen, ringar och klockor! Massor av trendiga
smycken, klockor, ringar, örhängen,
halsband och armband!

Baby Sloths

I'm still sick and home on the couch. (>.<)
A friend showed me this cute baby sloths a while ago and I thought that I most show it to you. They are so adorable!! (^  ^)
This is a program on Animal Planet called Too Cute Baby Sloths. I really want to see this program but haven't found it yet. Maybe it's a old program that they aren't showing anymore. 
Now I will go and eat dinner and after that me and mom will go to the doctor. I don't won't to be sick anymore, I miss my friends! 
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