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Massor av trendiga halsband, armband, örhängen, ringar och klockor! Massor av trendiga
smycken, klockor, ringar, örhängen,
halsband och armband!

You're the one by eliinpelin

Mitt tävlingsbidrag, #youretheone #yohio

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Moshi Moshi!
This morning I went back to Dingle again. (^  ^) I have been feeling much better today, almost no dizzieness at all. 
On the way to school I had to change bus one time, but the bus I would have taken did not come. So I was standing there, in the freezing cold weather, and no bus came. I took a look on the ohter buses time-schedule to find another bus to Dingle. It all enden with that I had to wait there for one hour until another bus came, and it was sooo cold! The waiting room was closed so I could not go inside to warm me up. (>.<) I'm glad that I chosed my teddy hoddie today, hihi!

Now I'm at school again and in my warm and cozy room. (^  -  ^) The day have been very good, all the lessions where fun today and the sun have been shinig. The sun always makes me in a good mood. I have been doing a little bit homeworks now and soon I will go and take a cup of tea with my friends.
It's the best part with living on a internat, you always have your friends just a few steps from the door. ❤
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The last weeks I have been feeling dizzy sometimes and my leggs doesn't always want to do as I say. I have just pushed it aside and thought that it's probably just temporary. But yesterday I feelt really strange and the dizzieness didn't go away. So I took the bus to Uddevalla there my mom picked me up. Today I have been home all day and just taking it easy. I also did little homeworks that I know they have been working with today at school. 
Tomorrow I will go back to Dingle and see how it goes, I haven't been so much dizzy today. If this will continue I think we will go to the hospital and take some tests, maybe something is missing in my body. Strange because I taking vitamins every morning already. 
Changing subject, hihi. (^  ^) I did a really good lunch today, a recipe that I found on the internet.
Here are a pic from my instagram (eliinpelin)
Oatmeal cinnamon apple crepes, yummie! (^ _ ^)
 You can find the recipe here
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Instax mini 8

One of the reasons why I could go home yesterday, except from that my dad where in the around and could pick me up, was that I doesn't start school before 12:50 today. (^  ^) So my mom could let me off at the trainstation on her way to work. 
Now I have tried to do some math but my brain don't want to cooperate so I decided to publish the pictures I was talking about yesterday. (^ _ -)
This is one of the things I bought in Japan that I haven't show on the blog yet, a polaroid camera made by Fujifilm called instax mini 8. I really love it and are so glad that I actually bought it. The pictures comes out with a nice effect and I think the camera takes really good pictures. On the front you can change which light you are taking the photo in (if you are inside, if there is cloudy or sunny and more). 
I also bought a few package of sheets; ordinary white ones, one with pink dotts and one with Hello Kitty. Right know I have the one with pink dotts, you can se one pictures with it on me and Yohio
It's so fun when the pictures comes out immediately, and it's fun to take pictures together with your friends. (^  ^)
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Forgot the pictures...

Earlier today I took some pictures on me and my new polaroid camera that I was supposted to upload now. But I forgot the memory on my room in Dingle. I'm home right know because my dad could pick me up and I wanned to sleep home one night. So you will have to wait until tomorrow before you can se the photos. (^  ^)
Today was the second time we had a new course that I have been looking forward to. It's called animal specialization and we are having that course on Nordens Ark. Do you remember when I had my practical weeks there this spring? (^ - ^) I really love to be there with the animals and I think we are going to learn so much. 
I didn't brought my camera either so here are some mobile pictures. 
Maned Wolf
Amur Tiger or Sibirian Tiger
First we learned a little bit about the history of keeping animals in captivity and after that we did some enrichment for the maned wolfs. We filled paper bags with fruits, dead chickens and rats and hanged the bags in the trees in the maned wolfs enclosure so they had to work to get their food. It seemed like they appreciate it. (^_^) 
I think this is going to be my favorit lessions every week, haha! 
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Me and Yohio

Moshi Moshi!
Now I'm on my way home from Karlstad. It has been a very fun weekend together with my friends! Yesterday the sun shined all day long.

When we arrived we first went to the "Bed and Breakfast" to do our makeup and change our clothes. (^  ^) The room was nice and big enough for one night. The B&B house was located just 10 minutes from centrum, so we could just walk and didn't needed to take the bus ore taxi. (^_^)



After, when we had done ourself ready, we went out and looked at the city Karlstad. It is very beautiful, specially when the sun is shining. We also found a asian restaurant there we later ate our dinner. I ate some wooked vegetables and seafood which was really tasty. (^ - ^)



But it was not because of all that we came to Karlstad, it was because of Yohio's concert! It was the best concert I have ever been on, when he sang Your the one it felt like my heart was going to burst. He has such an amazing voice!!! And Desaiha, the band, is also amazing so the whole concert was really fantastic! A night to remember, and now I can't wait to the next opportunity to see/hear them live again. 



After the concert I went to the side of the stage there Yohio's dad, Tommy, was waiting on us who had won the "meet and great". He told us that Yohio just washed him self off and soon where going to be there. So after around 10 minutes Yohio came. There where more people than just us who had won who was there, and I don't know why, so he just took some photos with each one of us and signed things. I took a photo with my polaroid camera from Japan and then he signed the picture. (^  ^)

It was nice to meet him but I though the whole "meet and great" thing should be more than just signing and photographing. Now it was just like "meet" without the "great". The whole thing went so fast that I didn't know/remember what to say. After, when it was done, I was like "what just happened?". So I went to bed disappointed yesterday. (-_-) And why was there more people there who not had won, I think it was strange and the whole thing seemed like bad planing. I hope they will do it better in the future, so other don't have to bee disappointed like me. But still it was a really great concert and I like the picture on me and Yohio. (^  ^)




The last picture is a amigurumi I crochet to Yohio. It is supposed to look like Yohio's budgie Sora. (^_-) He did not unwrap it when I was there so I wonder how his reaction was when he saw it. I hope he like it and see what it's supposed to look like.


UPDATE: I wrote this on the train but lost the internet connection so I wasn't able to upload it until now when I'm home. (^  ^)

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My room

Yesterday I went home for one night. My mom have just start to work in Uddevalla which means that I can take the bus and she pick me up on the the bus station in Uddevalla. (^  ^) It's nice to sleep home somtimes in the middle of the week. But now I'm back in school again. (^_-)
Fresh picture of my room.
Tomorrow it's friday and I will go home with one of my friends and sleep over at her place. It's because on saturday we will take the train to Karlstad there we are going to Yohios concert BREAK the BORDER! There are four of us who is going and we all are going to stay at one "Bed and Breakfast" until sunday. I'm so excited and it's going to be so fun. o(^ - ^)o
Do you remember the comeptition I won that means that I'm going to meet Yohio? I'm pretty nervous about that but still looking forward to it. I can't believe that I actually won! 
We will se how much time I have and if there are any internet ore wifi so I can blogg over the weekend. I will try to do my best to write often, this is a weekend I don't want to forgett. (^  ^)
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Back in School

Yesterday I came back to school. (^  ^) It have been a good last weekend with my best friend Caroline. She sleept over at my place and we had really fun. 
Now I'm back in my room at Dinlge and all the unpacking is done. (^ - ^) It feels both good and bad to be back. I have missed all my friends here so much and my new schedule is pretty good so it most feel good. 
Pic from my Instagram (eliinpelin)

Yesterday me and my friends looked at BEAST Beautiful Show, a consert with the korean pop group BEAST. It was reallt good I think, they are so funny and have very good voices. Now we are going to watch a new episode of Running man
See you! 
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Moshi Moshi!
I have been taking care of the birds for a week now and I really like it. It feels like I work on Universeum so it's very sad that it's my last day tomorrow. (-_-) But you never know, maybe I will come back and work there for real in the future. (^  ^)
Yesterday I had time over so I was able to watch the shark feeding from the bridge where they feed the sharks. It was really cool, the sharks are so majestic. They also let me feed some fishes like pirayas and rays. (^ - ^)
I still photograph alot and today I bought a new objective to my camera, a fisheye! ≧◠◡◠≦✌ It is so fun to use and the colours in the pictures are really amazing. Here are some pictures taken with the fisheye. 
I will ake a post with more info about the objective this weekend. Now I'm tirred and are going to watch the new season of "Hela Sverige Bakar" (translaten: whole Sweden are baking). (^   ^)
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At Universeum everything is like it should be. I have been doing the daily routines, as you should know by now. (^_-) Yes, it has something with feeding and cleaning to do. Haha! 
It's really fun to count the birds every day because then I'm able to bring my camera and take pictures. Like I wrote yesterday I also need pictures of some special birds to send to my "mentor". I really enjoying it. (^ - ^)
Here are some pictures from the rainforest. 
Blue Dacnis
Yellow-legged Honeycreeper
If you wonder why I just writing about what I'm doing at Universeum is it because I come home so late that I don't do so much at the evenings. Just eating, pack my things to tomorrow and relaxing. (^  ^) Today I also took a nice, hot shower. 
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Daily Pictures

Now are "supervisor/mentor" at Universeum away on his buisness trip. I take care of the birds while he is gone, but still I need to take daily pictures of some of the birds. That is because he wants to be sure that the all the birds are there. Ofcourse I also count the birds daily. (^  ^)
The pictures I send to him can look like this:
Otherwise I did the usuall today which means fed the birds and alot of cleaning. (^  ^) That's the glamorous life of a zookeper, haha! But I really enjoying every day.
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Moshi Moshi!
I have been baking the whole day. (^ - ^) It have gone so long time since I did it last time so it was really fun and I enjoyed it! I tried my new cake molds I bought in Japan and the cookies went out really cute. I love them, this is going to be one of my new favourit molds! 
I also used my Hello Kitty molds.
I also found a recipe on peanut butter. I have wanted to do my own peanut butter for a while now just because it's so much healthier (if you use the right ingredients ofcourse). This peanut butter is made of just peanuts and a little bit rape oil, so tasty!
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Training with blueberries

Yesterday I become the "bird girl" at Universeum for real. I took care of all the birds and it was really fun! I had things to do all the time so I did not get bored, haha! (^  ^) 
We have trained the assaries and small toucans to get used to a carrier a few days now. I put blueberries in a carrier and leave it in the cage for a few hours. It's going very well and they actually have start to like the carrier I think. They seems so happy when I come with it. 
The small toucans and assaries are really my favorit birds at Universeum. They have such a personality and are really smart. It's so fun to feed them with blueberries ore just play with them. It seems like they like it too. (^ - ^)
The reason why I didn't update yesterday was because I have started to talk with a new friend. Yesterday was the first time we talked at the phone so it eneded up with that we talked the whole evening. (^  ^) Hihi! It's always fun with new friends. 
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Blåhuvad Tangara

The birds are feeling fine today too at Universeum. (^  ^) Now when we have more birds in rainforest we have noticed that they are eating alot more. We need to change or add food a several time each day, haha! 
I have been doing the birds almost by my own today. I now what to do so it's not that hard, it's just fun! (^ - ^) Here are some pictures on the birds. 
Blue necked tanager
(Blåhuvad Tangara)
Blue necked Tanager and
Red-legged Honeycreeper

The bird we released are in this two species and one more specie that I don't remember the name of. Thats why I posting so much pictures on them. I use the camera to take pictures on the birds I have seen every day so we can check that we have seen everybody. All the birds have rings on their leggs in different colours so we can se the differense betwen them. (^  ^)
Tomorrow I will do the birds by my self for real because my "supervisor" will not be there. Exciting!
Now I will go to bed so I'm totally rested tomorrow. Sweet Dream! ❤
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The bird girl

Guess what, I have been with the birds today again. (^ ‿ -) My "supervisor" at Universeum have showed me more about the routines for the birds because next week he is going on a business trip and I will take care of the birds. It's a big responsibillity and I think it's going to be really fun, I will do my best! (^ - ^) I'm going to be the bird girl for one week, hihi! 
So today we updated the bird list because of the new birds we realised. I have also fed and done the cleaning as usual. And my computer are collaborates today so here are pictures on some of the birds in the rainforest. 
Curl crested aracari
Crimson rumped toucanet
Blue Necked Tanager
Tomorrow I will do the bird by my self to see how it goes. My "supervisor" will check and see so he can trust me when he is gone. I will try to not let him down, I'm really proud and happy that he trust me.
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